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I Should Have Played Poker

Poker - Elizabeth - March 26, 2021

I was already to play in the WPBT(world poker blog tour) event tonight on Full Tilt Poker. It was just a $10 buy-in private tournament, but it was filled with a bunch of cool bloggers and it was HORSE style so I was excited to play in it.

About an hour before the tournament started my friend IM’d me wanting to go riding. I hadn’t been riding in a while because of the weather but tonight was pretty nice (45 degrees) so I unregistered and we met up at my local high school. There’s not really much there, a butchered up handicapped rail, a slow ledge and curb we do 180’s and stuff off of. It’s always fun though.

We ended up driving around 10 miles to a college which is where I found a rail I wanted to double peg. It was handlebar height, which is pretty big, but still something I wouldn’t have trouble hopping on. It’s down five stairs but really mellow. So after a few run ups I hopped on it. I got my pegs on perfect but I guess the metal was soft since my pegs just stuck into it and I fell on the side of my face really hard.

I hit my head into the ground and saw a huge flash of light. I actually got up smiling cause I’m never serious. The whole right side of my face was (and still is) numb and my ear was filled with blood. I was more excited about taking pictures then worried about bleeding out from my ears so we rushed back to my car to get my camera. Oh and I found out it was a scrape in the ear that was bleeding. So here are some pictures. I know my nose is big but I swear my ear usually isn’t this large!

I haven’t been playing a ton of poker lately so I haven’t had any big wins or losses. I’m still frustrated after the NWP .02/.04 limit table. I went into this game with the goal of winning at least $1 but after 30 hands I got all my hands cracked and I lost over $3. That’s 75bb’s! I still prop and I realized I’m much better at no limit then limit. I’m pretty good at playing full table ring games but just have absolutely no feel for short-handed limit poker. I seriously always lose when I play. I average around $6 or $7 an hour per table in rake back playing $75 and a $150nl, which is really good for bonus money. I realize that just like playing agen judi bola, I need to be strategic when playing poker.

Also the Pot Limit Omaha tables on pokerstars can be really crazy! I’ll open up 6 $50 tables, sit back, and wait for really good hands. If I don’t flop the nuts or a nuts draw I’ll usually fold. Maybe it’s just me but I find that in PLO if you flop bottom set on an uncoordinated board and you get all your chips in, you’ll usually lose to larger flopped sets. Well It’s 5am and I’m afraid to go to sleep since I know my face is going to hurt and my neck is going to be stiff in the morning. I was going to wake up early to drive out to a skatepark 2 hours away but I definitely won’t do that now.

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Tricks Casinos Use To Keep You In – Check some tricks

Casino - Elizabeth - March 25, 2021

Gambling is an age old side interest shared by both youthful and the elderly. While one can without much of a stretch bet at home or at whatever other private space where it is permitted, numerous would even now love to visit excitement regions – not the “red” kind – to bet in casinos.

Casinos of various bore are all mindful of this. These gambling foundations spend a great deal of push to get clients, and put significantly more work in keeping these individuals from clearing out. Fundamentally, casinos resort to inconspicuous traps to transform themselves into gambling traps. Here are the five normal ones.

When you are playing at 918kiss platform, the implementation of the correct tricks is essential. There are more winnings available to the players. Understanding concepts and features is essential for the playing of different gambling games. There are more winning provided to have a better experience. 

  1. Disposal of time mindfulness

Unless you wear a watch and really keep an eye on it, there’s for all intents and purposes no real way to tell what time it is in a casino. There are neither windows nor tickers nor watches around the merchant’s wrist, all of which can help you read a clock and instinctually respond to it all the while. Also, most games are made so quick paced that you’ll wind up not stressing that you’ll invest an excess of energy in a table or machine. To finish it off, the huge casinos pump their corridors with some additional oxygen to keep you wakeful and keep you from leaving to get some rest.

  1. An inviting, home-like air

So you think the casino’s configuration is about style? Not by any stretch of the imagination, however magnificence is verifiably a part of the proprietor’s motivation. The over the top cleanliness, faint lights, music, and even the inside’s shading plan makes for a home-such as atmosphere while the vivid floor coverings are intended to convey a sleep inducing impact to the clients such that they’d feel welcome and not have any desire to take off.

  1. Confounding labyrinth like format

Venturing into the gaming segment of the casino is entering a labyrinth of slot machines and gambling tables. You are intended to become mixed up in the casino floor, and get enticed to play a few games as you attempt to discover out. The casino luxuries, for example, restrooms and lodging suites, and the clerk’s work area are strategically located profound into the casino and past numerous, numerous amusement tables and machines to lure you to return fast to play once more, and dishearten getting the money for out, separately.

  1. Freebies

Casinos love giving without end free stuff and for this, they take the cake on quality client administration. Why they don’t need their esteemed visitors to quit gambling by any stretch of the imagination! Liquor is the most widely recognized gifts you can discover in these gambling foundations, and this is on the grounds that hard beverages tend to cloud its customer’s judgment, prompting misfortunes and more chips obtained. Sustenance is another basic offering, and this keeps clients from getting hungry and leaving the table to eat. In huge casinos, hot shots are dealt with like sovereigns, complete with free premium suites and rebates, all with an end goal to make them spend more in the gambling foundation.

  1. Dream of winning

While the casino keeps up an enjoyable environment, they likewise tend to put an accentuation on their primary fascination – gambling. Therefore, they utilize different components to make speculators surmise that their games are so natural to win. Case in point splendid outside lights offer a happy and successful climate, while inside, music and sounds make it seem like individuals are winning everywhere. This makes the speculator need to spend a considerable measure and make benefit off the casino, when the opposite is a greater amount of reality.

Simply discretion is required to abstain from falling into the casino’s trap. Obviously you don’t have to say no to whatever they offer you, however recollect not to lose all sense of direction in all the fun and energy, keeping in mind that you wind up broke and misused.

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The Biggest Casinos For The Best Entertainment

Casino - Elizabeth - March 23, 2021

LAS VEGAS - MAY 23: Poker players take part in the 2004 World Series of Poker Tournament held at the Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino May 23, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Online gambling sites, for instance, ceme online are bringing remarkable changes in the fast-running world. There has been a lot of improvement in the form soft e added graphics with the qualities and certain other changes.


Online gambling is something that has been gaining huge acknowledgment in recent years. There is a number of reasons behind this. This platform has a number of options that have made the players love the game the most. The time of the playing hours never matters. Moreover, ether is a number of games that can be betted upon. One of the best ideas to go with is the “Virtual Reality Casinos”. This platform is a great one and a symbol of the most recent development in the field of online gambling in the UK. The online casino is the most dedicated one for the welfare of the players and also presenting to them the most awesome deals. The information regarding the latest games is something that is of high quality.


This platform is a special one due to several reasons. There is a number of games that are better than the traditional ones; moreover, it is quite easy to play with any of the games on this platform by simply using tablets and mobile phones. the all-new mobile-friendly themes make the games a better one. There are a number of games with striking graphic quality that make it a great one. The specialty of this gambling platform is Blackjack. This is the game that can be the one for hitting the jackpots. It is quite easy to learn about making quick money with this game. The bets that are made on this platform cab b a great help to the mass unemployed population Besides, there are all other slot machine games that can be a significant approach with the game, there are specialized games with slot machines which are actually based on the newness of the conventional stories that makes them quite an important one. The slot machines are the best ones to be spun and earn the money.


This is one of the most reliable platforms in the whole of the UK which can make gambling a responsible one. There is full support with the gambling games. There are certain exclusive ones that can be targeted easily by the people who are in the age group enjoying gambling.

there are also strict rules that are maintained by the casino to see that the people are not engaged in spending the whole day thoughtless about anything else rather than gambling. This is the beauty of online casino games.

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How To Play At Online Poker Rooms

Poker - Elizabeth - March 20, 2021

Poker recognition in the world is very huge and in addition, millions of people are participating in it at 1xbet from various countries and continents. A special alliance was made in order to unite all poker participants in the world and to turn it into an international game. Online poker considered a well-liked and also extensively known card game. Unlike the majority of casino card games, it is a game where participants participate in opposition to one another, not against the house. 

What turns online poker and players which play it way distant from other casino games are the parts of expertise and also psychology, which is necessary for skillful poker players at the internet poker room. It is important to realize how to make decisions at online poker. During online Poker Rooms, winning at online poker is not done by imitation; rather, it is gained by realizing the complexities in the card game.

No matter what you thought of the opening section of this review of how to play at online poker rooms, the second section is sure to blow you away. One of the most excellent capabilities at poker is the skill to decode the players. It isn`t a science, more of an art. Primary, you`ve to be actually sharp-eyed. If your head is in the sky throughout a contest, a lot will go by you. Look after the game at all times, including when you are not at the hand. Then look and notice how a participant gambles and brings up. 

Never gamble more than your Line Poker Rooms bankroll, this goes with no reminding. From time to time the betting and wealth factor of internet poker affect gamblers to a great extent. They become greedy and therefore perform in competitions they can not afford or competitions in which the competition is just way too rigid.

Knowing at what time to simulate and also semi-simulate in online poker rooms is very crucial. Receiving a casino poker jackpot feels excellent while grabbing one feels quite more awesome and the hunch is addicting. Quite a significant point to remember, whether you have been competing for 10 years or 10 days, is that online poker is a continuous studying experience. Expectantly, you would find out something as of each and every session you play of poker rooms, although if what you study is a little on your personality. Don`t ever feel weird about picking up your chips and also quitting internet poker. Once you do not feel all right with the feel and/or rhythm of the session, exit. It`s much easier to come back to compete at another time, with the knowledge that you were in charge of your internet poker room actions at the time you walked away. 

Even in case, you`re having a bad occasion, it is advised to take the surviving of your chips and quit owning them instead of trying to stay on behalf of a single additional deal. Plus deciding to pack up possessing chips is one of the greatest ways to begin your playing career. Keep a log of what succeeds and also does not succeed for you, and one day you would invent a style of online poker playing that works solely for you and furthermore improves your Line Poker Rooms play. Whenever we learn we grow. So, knowing how to play at online poker rooms has by now advanced you more than you think.

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Prison Sentence For Online Poker Cheats In Britain

There has been a significant development recently which has created a lot of buzz among the online poker playing community. The United Kingdom’s House of Lords is having a discussion about implementing an amendment in their cyber laws regarding poker. According to this new amendment, a player found cheating while playing competitive poker online like judi slot terbaik can be tried and if found guilty can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

These amendments were presented by Lord Moynihan who has been the chairman of British Olympic Association as well as an Olympic medalist himself. He wants this amendment to be included in the new gambling bill. Currently the maximum punishment for match fixing or cheating in gambling is just tow years’ imprisonment.

Events that led to the implementation of such a decision

This announcement was made as a result of the growing popularity of poker in Britain and also because of the rising cases of cheating at the online poker table. Lord Moynihan was also encouraged by the fact that the Australian state of Victoria brought in such a law a year back which reduced the occurrence of online cheating significantly. Britain wants to set an example by showcasing themselves as being intolerant towards corruption in sports, especially in the wake of incidents of corruption arising in other sports such as cricket.

Strict measures were proposed by the Lord after consulting with the Britain’s Sports Betting Group, which was formed because of the suspicion of gambling in sport. The only recommendation received from their report was to formally criminalize match fixing. The demand for such a law is rising after a betting racket was unearthed in English football recently.

Many in Britain felt that these amendments were tabled in a hurry without any proper debate among all the prospective stakeholders. Executives from all the major sports like cricket, rugby and tennis among others were supposed to give a joint statement in support of this strict law. However, there was some amount of apprehension among some people who felt that there was no powerful case made against the ineffectiveness of the current laws.

Britain’s National Crime Agency has, in the past, successfully charged people including the footballers who are undergoing their jail term of 10 years which itself many feel is more than enough to act as deterrent for others to avoid any kind of corrupt practice.

On the other hand, the supporters of the amendment claim that in all the earlier cases, the law wasn’t enough to catch the culprits. It was the media that highlighted the case which is not the ideal way for a criminal to get caught as it is the duty of the law enforcement agencies to do their job properly without any kind of assistance from the media.

Having such strict laws will not only give teeth to the judiciary, but the police will also feel that their efforts are not going to get wasted as the people who get caught will be prosecuted and will receive harsh punishment.

What this development means to the poker community

This amendment was brought into the discussion table mainly for confronting the issue of match fixing which has becoming prevalent and there is a need for making it a criminal offense. If this amendment is approved and a modification is made to the UK gambling bill, it will have direct upshot with regards to foul behavior and connivance in poker.

The Sports Betting Group also wants betting in gambling to be policed by the Gambling Commission. This however, comes under the Financial Conduct Authority which claims to be doing a good job as they forced the bookies to inform them about any kind of suspicious acts going around in their vicinity. The Sports Betting Group feels that the FCA does not have the authority to quickly prevent any act of corruption.

As the saying goes- ‘Prevention is better than cure’, keeping the players as far away from corruption in the first place is the most effective way of addressing the issue of match fixing whether it is online poker or any other outdoor team sport.

More and more players are now becoming aware about the rules and regulations regarding match fixing and they know the serious consequences if they fail to display honesty and integrity.

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