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Casino, Casino Guides, Gambling - Elizabeth - August 2, 2021

Although there seem to be a great number of strategies out there on how to win hands, the number of methods on how to avoid losing big hands are in fact close to none. This is because that very seldom does a player concentrate and formulates strategies on how to stop losing big hands.

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I frequently hear people utter this irritating statement ‘it’s a game of luck and I have no control over of it!”. People tend to blame it to something else rather than getting their way around it. This is something that you’ll be hearing a lot, trust me. Reality is; it would only mean nothing at all if you don’t have any idea on how to keep it. On the other hand, you could win great hands and put on a chip lead.

The idea is equally, or more or else, significant for players who are not in the chip lead. Here’s another thing to consider, even if you win pots, you still won’t win a game or tournament if you lose a lot of big hands.

What I’m about to say may confuse you so let me clear this up that what I’m basically talking about is bets, not cards. Continuing on, losses are hassles that hold back your poker career. The key to this can be summed up in a very simple word, Anticipation. Remember that, simply by anticipating, the number of big hands you lose can be cut down.

Supposing you’re on the button and dealt A, J off-suit. The blinds are $1-2 and your opponent Peter, whom is a very tight player, makes it $15 to play. Everybody at the table folds, so you call the bet without much hesitation. Since this is the best hand you’ve seen in awhile. But as you know, Peter is a very tight player that only makes pre-flop raises with monster hands. Still you called the bet anyway, for the reason that you didn’t “anticipate” what you would do. This is your first mistake.

The flop hits, and the cards are: A, 9, 2. Peter comes out firing with a $30 bet right away. The question is what do you do? You must put him on AK, AQ, AA, KK, or QQ. These are pretty much the only hands that Peter will make a pre-flop raise with. Now think about what Peter is holding. You put him on hands that beat yours, instead of folding you decided to see another card for $30.

Let us continue and check the second mistake that you have made. You seem to be very focus about the $30 bet and felt pot-committed, Instead of anticipating what Peter was going to bet after the turn card. Are you set to call an additional large bet after the turn with you’re A and J?

Let me tell this, you are simply digging a grave for yourself! Or in other words, you are putting your self in great danger. Sure, you’re dealt an excellent hand and flopped the top pair but you stuck it out and expected for a better card. And this is because of you playing only to win. What you should have been doing is to anticipate Peter’s behavior and folded your cards prior to the flop. Remember that you have to control to fold that A and J and the top pair when you’ve anticipated what’s coming next.

It is very important to consider what your opponent is going to bet and what you’ll be willing to bet. Then, explore the possibilities about what might happen following the next cards and so on. It is essentially all about anticipation. You could stop these big losses by anticipating different circumstances. Remember that anticipation will help you to finish all the money just about every time you play and it also saves you from losing big hands!

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