Beginners Poker Strategy Turn And River

Beginners Poker Strategy Turn And River

Now your hand will probably fall into two camps. A made hand, such as a flush, straight, 3 of a kind or Full House, guaranteeing you a win pretty much, or a non-made hand. You have seen 5 cards, including the two in your hand and the three on the flop. The turn card makes it 6 and there will only be one more card to come, the River.

The made hand is easy to play. You want to extract value by betting the turn and the river, but not betting too much that you scare away all your customers. The AI will probably call you so you can milk them here with 3 of a Kind, Straights, Flushes and better.

The non-made hands are obviously a little trickier.

Your non made hand could be something like a pair. Could be good, could be beaten. Maybe another bet on the turn would find out for you here.

It could also be a draw. The pot odds scenario comes back into it. If you can see the river card cheaply, and you only need one card to make a flush or straight, you can call a small raise.

If you made a continuation bet on the flop with what is described in poker slang as ‘total air’, i.e nothing at all then it is probably not worth trying to bluff a 2nd time on the turn. If Herbert Moon or whoever has called your preflop bet, and then your post flop bet, there’s a good chance they can beat you if you have some random high card, and no pair. Don’t be a hero and make another crazy bluff. This works well against real players, but not so well in Blackwater.

The position aspect that we talked about earlier comes into play here as well. If you are last to act, it may get checked to you. You can check behind, knowing you will see another card which could swing the hand back in your favour. If you are out-of-position, i.e. you act first, a check from you might indice a bet from your opponent. In real poker, agaisnt a real player, this could be a bluff, as you have shown weakness. it could also be a bluff from your AI opponent, but as you are Out-Of-Position, with a weak hand, folding is the best option.

Your whole strategy throughout the game should be a basic tight/aggressive strategy, which involves you playing less hands, but playing aggressively and raising when you do play. This ensures that you are always in a position of strength in every hand you play. Even you are playing offline or Evolution Casino.


Poker, gambling, betting, all these things are all about presence of mind and grabbing the right opportunity. Also, these are developed with time and experience but at a time one could use whatever ideas they get, using all the brain they got at that time could help but never let go off your attention from the game in the middle of this.