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Choosing A Spread Betting Broker – Know the tips 

Betting - Elizabeth - May 25, 2021

Before you can begin spread betting in the UK you’ll need to first sign up to a spread betting firm. Currently, there are dozens of spread betting firms in the UK. These are all fully regulated by the FSA and offer customers massive coverage of thousands of global markets with spreads starting from just 0 pts.

If you want to select a trusted and reliable platform, then you need to implement some essential tips. Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan is the best choice available to the gamblers for playing of trusted and reputed games without any involvement of the scams and frauds. 

Take a look below for our top 3 recommended spread betting firms for customers from the UK. Notice that offers a special “Zero Spreads” promotion for Platinum Account holders, plus a £300 risk-free bonus for all new traders.

Best Spread Betting Companies 2012

Best Spread Betting Platform Reviews:

How to Choose a Spread Betting Company?

The sheer size and volume of competition in the UK spread betting market means that customers now have a bigger choice then ever before signing up to a platform. The following guide provides some tips and advice on signing up to a spread betting platform, in addition to some great deals and offers that each firm offers.

The history, size and reputation of spread betting companies are the first things experienced traders will look for. Since you’re bound to be depositing thousands (or possible hundreds of thousands) of pounds in your account, take huge risks in large trading positions, it’s very important to choose a reliable firm. The IG Index and City Index are two of the oldest spread betting firms in Britain, dating back to 1974 and 1983 respectively. Both of these firms service millions of customers in over 50 different countries. has also won numerous awards for their customer support and mobile trading platforms. Hence, City Index are always going to be at the top of the list of most people’s favourite trading brokers.

The range of platform features and reliability of services is an immensely important factor for long term traders. At, the majority of traders recommend either Capital Spreads or ProSpreads because of their outstanding platform services and customer support. Once you open or close a trade on Capital Spread’s online trading platform (OTP) it is processed immediately. The same is true for when you open trades or edit positions in the Capital Spreads iPhone/Android Mobile App – you’ll receive confirmation of your trades immediately based on the exact prices at the time of trade. This kind of customer support contrasts deeply with City Index and FinSpreads platform for example, which sometimes leads to re-quotes and slow functioning during times of economic uncertainty or significant market movements.

One of the most important trading tools for traders is to have the most advanced live streaming technical charts and prices. World Spreads and ETX Capital both provide a huge array of technical charts (for free) with more than 70 indicators including MAs, Bollinger Band, Stochastic Oscillator, RSI, MACDs and more. You can also customise the time zones on these charts for price comparisons (e.g. 1 hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 year) and save your preferences once you’re finished. These all help to predict future price patterns in the shares, commodities, stock, sector and interest rate markets etc.

Mobile Trading Apps

The range of mobile platform features is increasingly important for the 21st century financial trader. As you’ll no doubt have seen with all the advertisements in the London Underground, all of the biggest spread betting firms including City Index, FinSpreads, Tradefair and ProSpreads all offer their own iPhone and Mobile Trading Apps (e.g. Tradefair Spreads App, City Trader App). These apps are useful for people constantly on the move in my opinion because you can open/close trades, edit your positions, edit guaranteed stop-losses, limit orders, access you account and view the market prices 24/7 from your mobile.

The excellent user functionality of Phone spread betting apps even means that you analyse graphs and technical charts for all of your preferred stocks (the City Index App also includes a live news feed from Reuters).

Spreads and Margin Requirements

One of the things that will distinguish most brokers is the range of markets available and the size of spreads or margin requirements. City Index offers margins from as little as 1% and 1 point spreads for many UK markets, while at Capital Spreads and Tradefair these are a little higher. Overall however, you’ll need to do your own research on these because the size of the points spread and deposit margin requirements vary between different types of markets (e.g. Forex, FTSE 100, S&P 500, DAX, Commodities).

Are you a Beginner or Experienced Trader?

Depending on your experience in spread betting, the spread betting firm that you sign up to could have a serious impact on your profits. If you’re a complete beginner for instance than in my opinion you’re much better off signing up to a smaller spread betting firm such as FinSpreads. FinSpreads offers an 8 week Introductory Training Course for beginners which lets you open trades from as little as 10p per point (you’ll need to deposit £100 to fund your account). Theses extremely low 10p trades are designed for beginners and allow you to trade with less risk. At Tradefair and Capital Spreads for example the minimum amount that you can bet is 50p per point, which also increases to £1 per point for some global/FX markets.

Finally, if you are a beginner than you’ll want to open a demo spread betting account before you deposit any money. Demo accounts allow you to trade on simulated platforms with up to £10,000 in virtual cash. They allow you to practices using the trading tools, technical charts, monitor your trading positions and learn how to use stop-losses and limit orders with free money until you’re experience enough to make a deposit and trade for real.

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Finding The Right Table

Betting, Casino, Casino Guides, Gambling - Elizabeth - April 26, 2021

Gambling has now become one of the most popular activity in various parts of Asia. Today, over internet, Best Online Casino helps a player to avail amazing benefits. One of the foundations of a winning online poker strategy is finding the right table to play at. It’s not enough to just sit at any old table and then adjust your strategy to it; the right combination of players at a table can significantly boost your winning percentage. If you already know something about your opponents before you even start to play, you can sit down feeling good and ready to take advantage of them.

The Lobby

Once you are in the lobby of your poker client, and have decided what kind of game you want to play, and at what stakes, you can see a list of the different tables. In addition to basic information about the table such as the number of players and the blinds, most poker clients also list the following information about the table:

Players Per Flop:

This shows you how many players at the table see the flop on an average hand. Tables with a high PPF percentage are advantageous because they are most likely filled with beginners, bad players, and people just looking to play poker and have fun.

Average Pot Size:

Larger pot sizes mean more action, more aggression, and more money to be won on every hand; these tables are great.

Hands Per Hour:

This is the average amount of hands played every hour. Tables where more hands per hour are being played can be good, because you get to play more poker. However, the faster the game, the better the likelihood that those players are experienced, solid players. Slow tables may be a bit frustrating, but are filled with newbies and recreational players who take a lot of time to make decisions, chat a lot, and are just there for fun. You don’t want to play for fun, but you do want to take the money of those that do.

When making a decision to sit at a table, you want to look for a number of these factors in your favor. The best tables for making money have huge pot sizes, lots of players per flop, and a slightly below average table speed.

Search for Players

Usually, you can search for a specific player and see which tables they are playing at. If you are trying to make money playing poker, you will want to keep track of many different players and their playing style. Also, you may find some players that you particularly enjoy playing poker against, and want to play with them again. Some poker clients have a friend or buddy list which you can take a look at to see who’s online, and where they are playing.

A player’s name can also reveal a little about them. While it’s hard to glean any information from players with handles like “Tits McCoy” or my favorite, “IAteAllTheDonuts”; you can tell that a player with a name involving poker terms or poker pros such as “Tiltmeister” or “PhilHelmuthDiciple” at least knows something about poker, and are probably at least somewhat experienced.


You don’t hear much about table selection based on stack sizes, but it can be another good way to determine the ability of the players at a table. Better players will buy in at 100 times the big blind, which tends to be the maximum. The more you play with, the more you can bet, and the more money you can win.

Players with very small buy ins, such as 20 or 30 times the big blind might also be pretty good players who are employing a short stack playing strategy.

Then there are those players with strange stack sizes, like 65 times the big blind. They are usually playing with that amount because that is all they have, or they don’t really have much of an understanding of poker and stack size strategy. These are the players you want to play against.


As discussed in the software section, there is a program called TableScanner that can help you select tables based on any number of criteria that you provide. This can be a valuable tool, especially if your poker client doesn’t have many stats in the table lobby.

The Right Site

Before you even think about what table to play at, you need to know what the right poker site is for you. There is no easy answer for this, although some sites like PokerStars tend to have a higher amount of good players, while sites with online casinos attached to them like PartyPoker tend to have worse players. Search around online, see what other poker players are saying, and make your choice. You have a lot of freedom with choosing a poker site, and if one of them doesn’t seem to work out for you, there are hundreds of others (and thousands of dollars in sign-up bonuses) that you can try.

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Great Possibilities With A Great Football Betting System

Betting - Elizabeth - April 23, 2021

Football has not only been part of our culture but is also a signature to our lives. While some people see this contact sport as a means to be able to find a constructive way to bond with family and friends. It is also a great way to establish how communities are able to unite and show support to their home teams or those that they favor. Some people take these games quite seriously they make sure that they have allotted their tie to be able to watch the scheduled games. While football games are exciting and heart-stopping at the same time, there are still other ways to make these more interesting to the public. One popular method is through the use of a good football betting system provided by situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya.

These are known to be able to promote better odds of winning when it comes to your favored bets. This particular method requires the use of a number of significant data that they use to determine the probabilities or outcome of the games. In this regard, experts in this particular field are able to draw a sensible and credible prediction as to how the game would probably end. For individuals who take this form of recreation seriously, the ability to have a reliable forecast presents itself as a valuable handicap. This is because they will have the advantage of being given better choices and better odds in betting.

However, regardless of the type of football betting system that you would deem to be most suitable for you, you are not supposed to depend on these for every single decision that you would need to make. This is mostly implicative of the manner of betting and the number of your wagers. It is important that you practice wisdom when it comes to sports betting. Above all other things, you should remember that you are not meant to place all of your money in a single bet. This is among the riskiest of all moves regardless of the fact that you have found the best system in the world.

Your goal may be able to make the most lucrative profits possible, but this must be practiced with proper precaution every step of the way. One smart move to take is to combine your football betting system with a great handicapper that would be able to reinforce the wisest steps to take. Bear in mind that these individuals have been studying these systems for a long time. You would be able to gain great advantages from them in learning more about the trade. You can have peace of mind in knowing that they have the skills and the know-how in analyzing the data that are pertinent to making smart decisions in betting. With every aspect taken into careful consideration, you would be able to gain a better platform in betting and still be able to support and rout for your favored football team. Simply remember that while the potential rewards may be blinding and tempting, you should not lose grasp of reality.

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Texas Holdem Late Tournament Play

Betting, Casino, Gambling, Poker - Elizabeth - April 18, 2021

Late play in a poker tournament is very different than early tournament play. A player that has achieved a large chip stack over the course of the tournament may find that other players now seated at their table have an even bigger stack. As players are eliminated from the tournament, the total number of tables decreases, and players are moved from table to table to maintain the optimal play in these 카지노 게임.

Staying alive through one set of competitors will lead to another until there are only eight to ten players left. These players have won a seat at the final table and a chance to win the main purse.

To make it to the final table in a poker tournament a player must have well-rounded and versatile poker skills. Playing one game strategy throughout a tournament rarely works, as players are able to figure out your play and counter it. When this happens, it is important to change your strategy and keep your opponents guessing. Mixing up your play and staying one step ahead of the competition can exploit an opponent who thinks they have you figured out.

It is typical for the blinds, or forced bets, in Texas Hold’em tournaments to rise at set increments thought the event. Because of this, the bets are very large at the final table and one must have a significant amount of chips if one hopes to compete. If a player finds their chip stack quickly dwindling as they wait for a good hand, a good strategy is to steal blinds when able.

Stealing blinds can be risky, especially when the blinds are so high, as a bet must be made at the pot to make others fold. If this bluff is called and caught by a monster hand then the player has little hope of retrieving the bet and must fold. Blind stealing attempts are best made in a late position when there are a few people in the pot and no one has bet. In the last position, one can tell when opponents are sheepishly limping into pots with no hand, and a well-timed bet can make these players fold. The blinds stolen this way will pay for one full rotation around the table, and so can keep a player alive through droughts of horrible hands.

Once the game has progressed until only two players remain, the game becomes a “heads-up” game and they face off one-on-one. Strategies can drastically change at this point and players that have been playing tight will suddenly loosen up and play mediocre hands. If a player is lucky and skillful enough to make it to the heads-up round, there are a few things to consider.

Any ace becomes a great hand and should be bet as soon as possible. Also, any pocket pair is a premium hand during a heads-up match. In fact, many hands that would be unwise to play early in a tournament become much better late in the event. This is because each player only has to beat one hand. Pocket twos, for example, have a 60/40 chance to beat AK heads-up and start the hand with a pair. Against multiple players in a pot, it can be assured that someone will get a pair better than two during the course of the hand.

Making it to the final stages of a Texas Hold’em (or any other type of poker) tournament takes a talented player with strong mental conditioning. Breaking down for just a moment and making a bad decision can end a player’s tournament and send them home with nothing. Keeping one’s head while calculating and utilizing all the advantages available to a player can assure that player a spot at the final table.

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Prison Sentence For Online Poker Cheats In Britain

There has been a significant development recently which has created a lot of buzz among the online poker playing community. The United Kingdom’s House of Lords is having a discussion about implementing an amendment in their cyber laws regarding poker. According to this new amendment, a player found cheating while playing competitive poker online like judi slot terbaik can be tried and if found guilty can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

These amendments were presented by Lord Moynihan who has been the chairman of British Olympic Association as well as an Olympic medalist himself. He wants this amendment to be included in the new gambling bill. Currently the maximum punishment for match fixing or cheating in gambling is just tow years’ imprisonment.

Events that led to the implementation of such a decision

This announcement was made as a result of the growing popularity of poker in Britain and also because of the rising cases of cheating at the online poker table. Lord Moynihan was also encouraged by the fact that the Australian state of Victoria brought in such a law a year back which reduced the occurrence of online cheating significantly. Britain wants to set an example by showcasing themselves as being intolerant towards corruption in sports, especially in the wake of incidents of corruption arising in other sports such as cricket.

Strict measures were proposed by the Lord after consulting with the Britain’s Sports Betting Group, which was formed because of the suspicion of gambling in sport. The only recommendation received from their report was to formally criminalize match fixing. The demand for such a law is rising after a betting racket was unearthed in English football recently.

Many in Britain felt that these amendments were tabled in a hurry without any proper debate among all the prospective stakeholders. Executives from all the major sports like cricket, rugby and tennis among others were supposed to give a joint statement in support of this strict law. However, there was some amount of apprehension among some people who felt that there was no powerful case made against the ineffectiveness of the current laws.

Britain’s National Crime Agency has, in the past, successfully charged people including the footballers who are undergoing their jail term of 10 years which itself many feel is more than enough to act as deterrent for others to avoid any kind of corrupt practice.

On the other hand, the supporters of the amendment claim that in all the earlier cases, the law wasn’t enough to catch the culprits. It was the media that highlighted the case which is not the ideal way for a criminal to get caught as it is the duty of the law enforcement agencies to do their job properly without any kind of assistance from the media.

Having such strict laws will not only give teeth to the judiciary, but the police will also feel that their efforts are not going to get wasted as the people who get caught will be prosecuted and will receive harsh punishment.

What this development means to the poker community

This amendment was brought into the discussion table mainly for confronting the issue of match fixing which has becoming prevalent and there is a need for making it a criminal offense. If this amendment is approved and a modification is made to the UK gambling bill, it will have direct upshot with regards to foul behavior and connivance in poker.

The Sports Betting Group also wants betting in gambling to be policed by the Gambling Commission. This however, comes under the Financial Conduct Authority which claims to be doing a good job as they forced the bookies to inform them about any kind of suspicious acts going around in their vicinity. The Sports Betting Group feels that the FCA does not have the authority to quickly prevent any act of corruption.

As the saying goes- ‘Prevention is better than cure’, keeping the players as far away from corruption in the first place is the most effective way of addressing the issue of match fixing whether it is online poker or any other outdoor team sport.

More and more players are now becoming aware about the rules and regulations regarding match fixing and they know the serious consequences if they fail to display honesty and integrity.

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