Choosing A Spread Betting Broker – Know the tips 

Choosing A Spread Betting Broker – Know the tips 

Before you can begin spread betting in the UK you’ll need to first sign up to a spread betting firm. Currently, there are dozens of spread betting firms in the UK. These are all fully regulated by the FSA and offer customers massive coverage of thousands of global markets with spreads starting from just 0 pts.

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Take a look below for our top 3 recommended spread betting firms for customers from the UK. Notice that offers a special “Zero Spreads” promotion for Platinum Account holders, plus a £300 risk-free bonus for all new traders.

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How to Choose a Spread Betting Company?

The sheer size and volume of competition in the UK spread betting market means that customers now have a bigger choice then ever before signing up to a platform. The following guide provides some tips and advice on signing up to a spread betting platform, in addition to some great deals and offers that each firm offers.

The history, size and reputation of spread betting companies are the first things experienced traders will look for. Since you’re bound to be depositing thousands (or possible hundreds of thousands) of pounds in your account, take huge risks in large trading positions, it’s very important to choose a reliable firm. The IG Index and City Index are two of the oldest spread betting firms in Britain, dating back to 1974 and 1983 respectively. Both of these firms service millions of customers in over 50 different countries. has also won numerous awards for their customer support and mobile trading platforms. Hence, City Index are always going to be at the top of the list of most people’s favourite trading brokers.

The range of platform features and reliability of services is an immensely important factor for long term traders. At, the majority of traders recommend either Capital Spreads or ProSpreads because of their outstanding platform services and customer support. Once you open or close a trade on Capital Spread’s online trading platform (OTP) it is processed immediately. The same is true for when you open trades or edit positions in the Capital Spreads iPhone/Android Mobile App – you’ll receive confirmation of your trades immediately based on the exact prices at the time of trade. This kind of customer support contrasts deeply with City Index and FinSpreads platform for example, which sometimes leads to re-quotes and slow functioning during times of economic uncertainty or significant market movements.

One of the most important trading tools for traders is to have the most advanced live streaming technical charts and prices. World Spreads and ETX Capital both provide a huge array of technical charts (for free) with more than 70 indicators including MAs, Bollinger Band, Stochastic Oscillator, RSI, MACDs and more. You can also customise the time zones on these charts for price comparisons (e.g. 1 hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 year) and save your preferences once you’re finished. These all help to predict future price patterns in the shares, commodities, stock, sector and interest rate markets etc.

Mobile Trading Apps

The range of mobile platform features is increasingly important for the 21st century financial trader. As you’ll no doubt have seen with all the advertisements in the London Underground, all of the biggest spread betting firms including City Index, FinSpreads, Tradefair and ProSpreads all offer their own iPhone and Mobile Trading Apps (e.g. Tradefair Spreads App, City Trader App). These apps are useful for people constantly on the move in my opinion because you can open/close trades, edit your positions, edit guaranteed stop-losses, limit orders, access you account and view the market prices 24/7 from your mobile.

The excellent user functionality of Phone spread betting apps even means that you analyse graphs and technical charts for all of your preferred stocks (the City Index App also includes a live news feed from Reuters).

Spreads and Margin Requirements

One of the things that will distinguish most brokers is the range of markets available and the size of spreads or margin requirements. City Index offers margins from as little as 1% and 1 point spreads for many UK markets, while at Capital Spreads and Tradefair these are a little higher. Overall however, you’ll need to do your own research on these because the size of the points spread and deposit margin requirements vary between different types of markets (e.g. Forex, FTSE 100, S&P 500, DAX, Commodities).

Are you a Beginner or Experienced Trader?

Depending on your experience in spread betting, the spread betting firm that you sign up to could have a serious impact on your profits. If you’re a complete beginner for instance than in my opinion you’re much better off signing up to a smaller spread betting firm such as FinSpreads. FinSpreads offers an 8 week Introductory Training Course for beginners which lets you open trades from as little as 10p per point (you’ll need to deposit £100 to fund your account). Theses extremely low 10p trades are designed for beginners and allow you to trade with less risk. At Tradefair and Capital Spreads for example the minimum amount that you can bet is 50p per point, which also increases to £1 per point for some global/FX markets.

Finally, if you are a beginner than you’ll want to open a demo spread betting account before you deposit any money. Demo accounts allow you to trade on simulated platforms with up to £10,000 in virtual cash. They allow you to practices using the trading tools, technical charts, monitor your trading positions and learn how to use stop-losses and limit orders with free money until you’re experience enough to make a deposit and trade for real.