Dice Sliding In Craps

Dice Sliding In Craps

When we talk about casino gambling in general, it is a well-known fact that people employ a plethora of tactics to cheat or gain a slight advantage over the other players through illegal means. In this regarding, chip placing is quite common. In addition to that, some work with dealers and the tactics become even more subtle when there are electronic devices. These are some of the well-known cheating methods but when dice sliding is something in Craps is something which not every casino player is aware off. In this regard, the purpose of this article is to discuss these cheating methods so that Craps players can play with caution.

Extremely skilled

When it comes to dice sliding, it is important to note here that this trick is only employed by professional or skilled players. This tactic or cheating method is also sometimes known as scooting. This tactic was identified not long ago when two professionals win seven hundred thousand dollars. Before we move on to the basics and other details of this game, it is important reemphasize that it this trick requires ultimate skills and can only be performed by professionals that are extremely skilled in this game.

Gain advantage

So far as the question of how this trick is performed is concerned, players have to basically hold the dice in a specific manner so that they are able to get the desired outcome from the dice. As it is evident from the title of this trick, the dice has to slide. The idea behind this trick is that it enables the casino players to gain advantage over house which is considered to be impossible by majority of casino experts. House edge basically refers to the chance of winning and the casinos have designed the games in such a way that casinos end up making more money most of the time.

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Watch the video

As mentioned earlier, the sliding of dice requires ultimate skills and therefore very few people have been lucky in this trick so far. Nonetheless, this trick is real and people can earn a lot of money by gaining this skill. If you believe this to be real and want to learn this trick then you will be happy to know that you could watch different videos which could help you in learning this trick. One must not forget that casino personal will also be watchful. In this regard, this trick cannot be accomplished without the help of accomplices. If someone is able to divert the attention of casino workers then scooting can be performed realistically. In conclusion, this seems very difficult but it is doable. Now would be a good time to learn this trick.