Finding The Right Table

Finding The Right Table

Gambling has now become one of the most popular activity in various parts of Asia. Today, over internet, Best Online Casino helps a player to avail amazing benefits. One of the foundations of a winning online poker strategy is finding the right table to play at. It’s not enough to just sit at any old table and then adjust your strategy to it; the right combination of players at a table can significantly boost your winning percentage. If you already know something about your opponents before you even start to play, you can sit down feeling good and ready to take advantage of them.

The Lobby

Once you are in the lobby of your poker client, and have decided what kind of game you want to play, and at what stakes, you can see a list of the different tables. In addition to basic information about the table such as the number of players and the blinds, most poker clients also list the following information about the table:

Players Per Flop:

This shows you how many players at the table see the flop on an average hand. Tables with a high PPF percentage are advantageous because they are most likely filled with beginners, bad players, and people just looking to play poker and have fun.

Average Pot Size:

Larger pot sizes mean more action, more aggression, and more money to be won on every hand; these tables are great.

Hands Per Hour:

This is the average amount of hands played every hour. Tables where more hands per hour are being played can be good, because you get to play more poker. However, the faster the game, the better the likelihood that those players are experienced, solid players. Slow tables may be a bit frustrating, but are filled with newbies and recreational players who take a lot of time to make decisions, chat a lot, and are just there for fun. You don’t want to play for fun, but you do want to take the money of those that do.

When making a decision to sit at a table, you want to look for a number of these factors in your favor. The best tables for making money have huge pot sizes, lots of players per flop, and a slightly below average table speed.

Search for Players

Usually, you can search for a specific player and see which tables they are playing at. If you are trying to make money playing poker, you will want to keep track of many different players and their playing style. Also, you may find some players that you particularly enjoy playing poker against, and want to play with them again. Some poker clients have a friend or buddy list which you can take a look at to see who’s online, and where they are playing.

A player’s name can also reveal a little about them. While it’s hard to glean any information from players with handles like “Tits McCoy” or my favorite, “IAteAllTheDonuts”; you can tell that a player with a name involving poker terms or poker pros such as “Tiltmeister” or “PhilHelmuthDiciple” at least knows something about poker, and are probably at least somewhat experienced.


You don’t hear much about table selection based on stack sizes, but it can be another good way to determine the ability of the players at a table. Better players will buy in at 100 times the big blind, which tends to be the maximum. The more you play with, the more you can bet, and the more money you can win.

Players with very small buy ins, such as 20 or 30 times the big blind might also be pretty good players who are employing a short stack playing strategy.

Then there are those players with strange stack sizes, like 65 times the big blind. They are usually playing with that amount because that is all they have, or they don’t really have much of an understanding of poker and stack size strategy. These are the players you want to play against.


As discussed in the software section, there is a program called TableScanner that can help you select tables based on any number of criteria that you provide. This can be a valuable tool, especially if your poker client doesn’t have many stats in the table lobby.

The Right Site

Before you even think about what table to play at, you need to know what the right poker site is for you. There is no easy answer for this, although some sites like PokerStars tend to have a higher amount of good players, while sites with online casinos attached to them like PartyPoker tend to have worse players. Search around online, see what other poker players are saying, and make your choice. You have a lot of freedom with choosing a poker site, and if one of them doesn’t seem to work out for you, there are hundreds of others (and thousands of dollars in sign-up bonuses) that you can try.