Folding Poker Tables Tips For Buying One

Folding Poker Tables Tips For Buying One

Folding poker tables are able to turn a run of the mill poker game into a casino night. They are ready for playing Hold’em, with casino felt tops, bumper armrests, and a great deal even have drink holders, and poker chip racks. Just having a beverage holder for each player can avoid somebody from getting slapped because they knocked their beer on the table, messing up the cards and maybe the felt. It is a drag to play with tacky chips, tacky cards, and it will likely just stop the game suddenly.

One other good thing about folding poker tables is that when you are playing, you aren’t using your dining room table. The family can keep using it, or you can still use it for a separate place for all the alcohol, pop, potato chips, and dip. Again, no fears about spilling a beverage, knocking something off the table, or making a big mess. You don’t have to worry about cleaning it up either. Another plus, you aren’t restricted to where you play. If you prefer, you can just raise the table, fold the legs, and relocate your game to another room, without having to disturb your cards or chips. This is a fantastic feature when you are playing late, and don’t want to awaken the kids.

As there are several sites online like 365bet  that have folding poker tables for sale, there are a couple of things you should think about. One is the size and shape of the table. There are long oblong tables, that can seat as many as 10 players at a time, and smaller octagon types for smaller parties. You have to think about how many people you may have on a typical poker night, then increase a few more for stragglers who probably will not play as often. You also have to look at room available, not just in your house, but for the gamers too. You now have to make sure that each position has a little elbow room.

The next thing to think about when selecting folding poker tables are the materials they are composed from. Be certain that the table top is of durable construction, the legs fold smoothly, and the end armrests are comfortable, and the indentations for the cup holders are deep enough. The felt material should also resist stains, and good enough to hold up to years of play. If not, then you are going to be disappointed when your table lasts a short period of time.

The last item you want to think about when getting folding poker tables is price. Many of these tables are not inexpensive, and the ones that are probably aren’t made very well. You may want to go to various poker table review sites, and note price points, options and materials used. Study the reviews from actual people who have purchased these tables, these discussions are going to in reality inform you if they are worth it or not. You also have to search each site to obtain the shipping costs, and if they supply any warranty or guarantees.