Full Tilt Poker Short Handed Sit N Go’s

Full Tilt Poker Short Handed Sit N Go’s

Sit N Go tournaments are among some of the most popular games on Online-sizzlinghot.com and Full Tilt Poker. In a full ring Sit N Go on any of these sites, you are playing at a nine-handed table, and the tournament pays the top three. Because of this structure, the usual strategy is to play a tight-aggressive game, being quite selective with your hands, and as the game becomes short-handed, to open up and be much more aggressive.

Many newer players on Full Tilt Poker like the nine-handed SNG’s better, feeling they can get in a good amount of play with the blinds rising every six minutes. As you play more on Full Tilt Poker, you should look at the other SNG offerings, such as a turbo full ring game, or a six-handed game, where only the top two places are paid.

Some of the most fast-paced and action-packed games on Full Tilt Poker are the six-handed turbo SNG, where not only are you short-handed, but you are faced with blinds that increase every three minutes. The short-handed turbo game will take some getting used to, as one false move and you are going to find yourself felted.

There are some adjustments you can make to your game that will have you winning on Full Tilt in no time. Just like in any poker tournament, when you find yourself short-handed, you will make adjustments to your starting hand selection. You want to open your range up, but not so much that you are hurting yourself. There is still no reason to be playing under the gun with a garbage hand, however, when you are in position, you want to see more flops. In these short-handed turbo SNG’s on Full Tilt, you do not want to be making steal plays from the button, the structure simply does not make this a good play.

On Full Tilt, one of the biggest mistakes you will see made in the short-handed turbo SNG’s is the player playing far too loose. People have trouble transferring from playing an MTT to playing this style and think that it is a necessity to chip up early and attempt to play hyper-aggressive to do so. In a Full Tilt SNG, you will often see at least one player bust in the first few hands, and one other shortly after. This is why you do not need to get crazy early, and you can allow the flow of the game to get you down to 3 players, where your play can get a little more creative.

When you are down to four players or so, you will often see one big chip stack playing aggressively and trying to run over the other remaining players. If you find yourself in this situation in a Full Tilt SNG, you have to hold strong and defend your stack. Wait for the right hand, and let that table bully double your stack!

If you find yourself as that early chip leader in one of these Full Tilt SNG’s, don’t be that player that is playing rags out of position, or always trying to steal a pot with over-bets. You are much better off if you use that stack as a cushion and pick good spots to play aggressively.

These Full Tilt short-handed games pay the top two, so when you hit that bubble, you want to start putting some pressure on your opponents, as you will often see them tighten up. Finishing first will earn you triple your entry fee, whereas second place pays only double. Try and spot the player that is just trying to hold out for the second place and attack his or her stack as much as possible. Force them to get all the chips in with a marginal hand.

This is a basic strategy that will allow you to put yourself in a position to win some of these Full Tilt turbo SNG’s. Just remember, put yourself in a spot to double up, and then attack when you hit that bubble. This gives you a great chance at getting heads up and winning yourself some money.

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