Gamblers Who Beat The Bank

Gamblers Who Beat The Bank

There have been many remarkably successful gamblers throughout history – many of who have enjoyed one enormous and life-changing win playing a slot machine, for example, or winning a progressive jackpot. It’s these kinds of million dollar and more jackpots at everything from lotteries to bingo to online poker tournaments that keep us all coming back for more, of course.

And these days, with 안전사이트 casinos such as skybet, 888, 32Red and others, which have such generous introductory bonuses for new players – there’s really no reason not to try your hand at landing that one-off, life-changing win.

For example – what about the remarkable story of Patricia Demauro who, in 2009 rolled a pair of dice 154 times at the craps table of an Atlantic City casino without throwing a seven; a world record? The unbelievable winning streak lasted 4 hours 18 minutes – with odds of around 1 in 1.56 trillion. Patricia didn’t reveal exactly how much she won!

Or how about the English gambler Ashley Revell who sold up everything he owned back in 2004 and gambled it all ($135,300) on red on one spin of a roulette wheel in the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas? The ball landed on 7-red, and Ashley doubled his cash, declining any further bets. But he did give the dealer a nice $600 tip.

Meanwhile, the biggest ever jackpot on a slot machine game was won in Vegas by cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan at the Desert Inn Casino playing the “Megabucks” slot. She bagged $34,959,458! Sadly, Cynthia became paralyzed following a traffic accident caused by a drunk-driver which also killed her sister just six weeks after her win.

But then there are other professional gamblers who have proved they have what it takes to beat the bank time and time again. Most of these are at poker because this is a game of skill, judgment and strategy rather than chance.

Would you believe the five biggest online poker jackpots were each won in the same week in 2009!? Online poker professional Patrick Antonius beat Swedish high stakes poker player Viktor “Isildur1” Blom for a record $1,356,947at stakes of $500/$1000 in Pot Limit Omaha. Then, a mere eight days later, “Isildur1” won back most of his losses when defeating poker pro-Phil Ivey for $1,127,955.

Or how about the high-rolling Texan gambler William Bergstom’s remarkable and tragic tale? During the 1980s, casino owner Benny Binion established the Horseshoe Casino in Vegas and said the house would take any bet regardless of size. So William from Austin placed a briefcase full of cash on the craps table. He bet on the “Don’t Pass” line and won – doubling his lucky $777,000 stake then left.

Two later visits to the Horseshoe saw William win over $500,000 but he then lost a million-dollar bet in 1984. Three months later, he committed suicide in a Las Vegas hotel – $647,000 ahead of his gambling endeavors.

And finally – what about Greek-American Archie Karas? Archie is a true poker legend. He has won and lost millions several times over. His biggest ever winning streak came during 1992-1995 when he gambled just $50 into over $40 million! But he went on to lose the lot the next year playing dice, baccarat, and poker!

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