I Should Have Played Poker

I Should Have Played Poker

I was already to play in the WPBT(world poker blog tour) event tonight on Full Tilt Poker. It was just a $10 buy-in private tournament, but it was filled with a bunch of cool bloggers and it was HORSE style so I was excited to play in it.

About an hour before the tournament started my friend IM’d me wanting to go riding. I hadn’t been riding in a while because of the weather but tonight was pretty nice (45 degrees) so I unregistered and we met up at my local high school. There’s not really much there, a butchered up handicapped rail, a slow ledge and curb we do 180’s and stuff off of. It’s always fun though.

We ended up driving around 10 miles to a college which is where I found a rail I wanted to double peg. It was handlebar height, which is pretty big, but still something I wouldn’t have trouble hopping on. It’s down five stairs but really mellow. So after a few run ups I hopped on it. I got my pegs on perfect but I guess the metal was soft since my pegs just stuck into it and I fell on the side of my face really hard.

I hit my head into the ground and saw a huge flash of light. I actually got up smiling cause I’m never serious. The whole right side of my face was (and still is) numb and my ear was filled with blood. I was more excited about taking pictures then worried about bleeding out from my ears so we rushed back to my car to get my camera. Oh and I found out it was a scrape in the ear that was bleeding. So here are some pictures. I know my nose is big but I swear my ear usually isn’t this large!

I haven’t been playing a ton of poker lately so I haven’t had any big wins or losses. I’m still frustrated after the NWP .02/.04 limit table. I went into this game with the goal of winning at least $1 but after 30 hands I got all my hands cracked and I lost over $3. That’s 75bb’s! I still prop and I realized I’m much better at no limit then limit. I’m pretty good at playing full table ring games but just have absolutely no feel for short-handed limit poker. I seriously always lose when I play. I average around $6 or $7 an hour per table in rake back playing $75 and a $150nl, which is really good for bonus money. I realize that just like playing agen judi bola, I need to be strategic when playing poker.

Also the Pot Limit Omaha tables on pokerstars can be really crazy! I’ll open up 6 $50 tables, sit back, and wait for really good hands. If I don’t flop the nuts or a nuts draw I’ll usually fold. Maybe it’s just me but I find that in PLO if you flop bottom set on an uncoordinated board and you get all your chips in, you’ll usually lose to larger flopped sets. Well It’s 5am and I’m afraid to go to sleep since I know my face is going to hurt and my neck is going to be stiff in the morning. I was going to wake up early to drive out to a skatepark 2 hours away but I definitely won’t do that now.