Slot Machines Truth And Myths – Get to know about them 

Slot Machines Truth And Myths – Get to know about them 

Those who usually prefer to play automata are the most superstitious people on earth. The slightest coincidence or any observation during the game turns for them into a panacea of winnings, in which they faithfully believe and no one can prove to them the opposite, even if they are presented with direct facts of their delusion. In general, the greater number of superstitions that are associated with automata is completely harmless and can not help both to win and to lose. Here are some examples of such superstitions:

Before the playing of the slot games, there is need to know about the myths and truth. Make sure that you do not depend on the myths related to Dominoqq online site for the playing of the games. There is a need to learn about both the myths and realities so that you get the best information about gambling. 

* The win depends on the speed of loading bills in the machine;

* By the button of the machine you have to beat, pull or shake it;

* Do not release the button until the drums stop;

* To win you need to very slowly or very quickly press the button;

* To “confuse” the slot, you need to press the button and pull the handle of the machine with a special periodicity;

* In order to break the mechanism of payment of the slot, you need to fill a cocktail or beer in the slot for loading money;

* You can talk to the machine, ask him to win, pray, and threaten, spewing curses, hitting the machine and kicking.

However, it should be remembered that a player who tries to damage the slot machine can be held accountable.

Myth –

to win, you need to play on certain days and hours.

The truth is that an automaton is a computer, and even when it consists of their mechanically rotating drums, it is still a technical device that does not give a damn what time the game takes and on what day of the week. So there is no convenient hour and time of day for a successful game of slot machines.

Myth –

you just left the machine, and suddenly you see how the next player who sat down to play this machine, broke the jackpot. It was your potential jackpot, and you stole it!

True –

Round the clock, every second, every week with the help of a random number generator in the gaming chip of the machine, a huge number of numerical combinations are generated, from which during the pressing of the button, combinations of symbols that lead to a win or loss are obtained. And if you stayed with this machine to play more, it’s far from the fact that the next combination that would fall out to you would be a whisper. So, your jackpot can not be stolen. This is just a matter of your luck and the fraction of a second that you pressed the button.

Myth –

If the warm coins have fallen into the tray, it means they have been in the machine for a long time and have not fallen out for a long time, and, therefore, it’s time for them to fall out soon.


part of the myth of a long stay in the machine has the right to exist, because it really could heat up in the machine because of the constantly burning bulbs and other internal sources of heat. And if the coins are cool, it means they did not stay in the machine for a long time and did not have time to warm up.