The Lottery Secret Formula Does It Really Exist

The Lottery Secret Formula Does It Really Exist

Looking lottery secret formula? Do you continue to play the lottery with little or no chance? You feel like you’re giving your money playing the lottery? If you answered yes to these questions, then you probably feel like me. I was looking for the lottery secret formula. I always dreamed of winning the lottery and quit my job. The feeling of knowing that you do not worry about the money. I always say, why I can not be me? But now I am no longer dream of winning the jackpot.

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You may wonder why dream about winning the lottery. I mean, who would not want to win the lottery? Now, I have a 1 year pay cut important in my work. So, as bad as it was, at least I still had a job. I use to play the lottery at least 4-5 times a day. I know the enthusiasm to win the lottery every day. But I was firm in the money in time, so I thought I would leave for a while.

About 3 months after one of my friends asked me how was the lottery, because he knew I wanted to play. The reason I asked, because he told me he had seen a book online, supposedly secret lottery formula, and show you how to win the lottery. At first I did not believe, but I thought I should read what I had as entertainment. So, after you go online and read more about this book, I was intrigued. I decided that the book with my next paycheck. Even if it is true that the book was pretty cheap, so if anything I thought it would be fun for me. So when I started reading, I wondered if that was the lottery secret formula.

Like I said, I have no money, not much at that time I was not able to play the lottery much as I wanted, but I ended up splitting my tickets friendship. The first week after buying the lottery each of us have decided at 10 each. In this way, we could test the lottery secret formula. In both our surprise we ended money this week. We have earned a total of $ 83, which means that between the two of us had a profit of $ 63. It was great because we more money to play the following week.

Next week, we thought we’d have $ 20 in this way we could improve our chances of contact. After I could not believe that raffle recovered. We have not won the lottery, but at least we have a little money. Finally $ 92 this week. My friend and I have to keep playing every week, and occasionally lose, but in the end we were still in force.

After about seven weeks when we played the Fantasy 5, ended up hitting all five numbers. When we saw that we could not believe it. The grand prize was two winning tickets that day, resulting in approximately $ 106,000 each winning ticket is divided. My wife was so happy that tears could not stop winning. This boat was enough to accommodate my pay cut I received.