The Semi Bluff In Poker – Learn about the poker games 

The Semi Bluff In Poker – Learn about the poker games 

Semi-bluff is more than a bluff but less than a value bet. In which cases do we talk about semi-bluff? What is the advantage of a semi-bluff and how should you use it?

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We are talking about semi-bluff when the flop hits you in a way that might be the best hand but it is currently not a very strong holding. It is not a complete bluff when you bet because in case of a semi-bluff you have a draw at the same time (a flush or straight draw). I will show you the advantages and a semi-bluff example.

Let’s say you hold AJ and the flop comes: 3Q9. If you make a bet with 56 for example, it would be a bluff because you do not have a made hand or a draw. You could basically only win with a bluff or give up the hand. However your AJ changes the situation and when you bet with it, it is called a semi-bluff. There are three reasons why the second version is a lot better than the first was:

if you hit your nut flush, you will have a monster hand and will most likely win the hand (except if your opponent hits a full house) even if you do not hit your flush you might win a show down with A high (if your opponent is on a lower flush- or straight draw with JT) or you can hit an ace or jack on the later streets and of course you can win the pot with a bluff as well

As you see your high cards and flush draw changes the value of your hand and because of this it has a lot higher value than a bluff.

The tough decision to make is when to use a semi-bluff. If your goal is to take down the pot right away then the best is when you have one opponent and he is a tight player and is likely to fold his hand when you bet. If there is a loose opponent or it is a multi way pot and you want to build the pot then it smells more like a value bet and you count more on winning a huge pot when you hit your hand. This second strategy works well against many opponents because in this case it can happen that there is someone else out there with a flush draw (I suppose you hold the AJ which is the nut flush draw in the given example).

Semi-bluff is an interesting play and can win you a lot of money when you know how to use it. I suggest you register your new poker account and use the best rakeback deals.