Tournaments Or Ring Games Poker

Tournaments Or Ring Games Poker

1) In rings, you get to pick where you sit and for how long you sit there. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Spend some time picking juicy tables, and leave if the fish leave so you can find greener pastures. If the table is bad or if you have a bad position on good players it is your fault.

2) You don’t *need* to bust anybody to make $. You can sit an hour, never see the turn, and leave the game a winner. In tournaments, it’s kill or be killed. You want that top-heavy payout for first place so going all-in on a coin flip when it probably means the difference between finishing 1st or 3rd it’s worth it because 1st pays too much more. This is not so in rings. You need the odds for that particular pot. To be more conservative.

3) Another reason to be conservative: In rings, you are deep stacked compared to what you are in the non-early stages of a tournament, and you can rebuy. This means two things. However, when you play roulette online all these rules are changed which makes roulette even more fascinating to poker lovers.

a) You need a better hand to justify going all-in. Typically TPTK is not enough.

b) Drawing hands like small pocket pairs can pay off bigger because when you hit you can win a bigger pot (in comparison to your investment).

Example: A nit raised in early position and you call in the BB with A/Q. The flop is Q/J/5. He raises, you re-raise, he shoves. What do you do? You fold. You are crushed, and best case scenario you split the pot.

Or, the same situation, but this time you have 5/5. Now you call that 3xbb raise (knowing full well that 7 out of 8 times you’ll be folding that flop), and you get paid off 100xbb’s when you stack his K/K.

4) You don’t get randomly moved, so the time you’ve spent building an image and getting reads on people lasts until they/you leave. So be sure to take advantage of that.

‘ve considered making this transition myself. I’ve built up a role on a half-dozen sites, mostly from MTT play & SNG, freerolls, private tourneys, etc. I’ve also read a bunch of other player’s experiences with playing MTT & SNG and then making a transition over to NLHE FR & 6-Max and not one of them seemed to have regretted it (although maybe the others just didn’t post about it?? lol).

As I’m sure you’re aware, there’s tons of stuff to learn when playing the cash tables and also some habits picked up from SNG play that need to be dropped.

So… I gave it a go for awhile on a couple of sites and did okay with it.. BUT.. it never really grabbed me to the point of wanting to put in the necessary time I believe would be necessary to get very good and to move up in limits. Now MTT’s on the other hand… my interest never seems to wane,… just wanting to soak it all up.

I strayed from playing cash tables but have occasionally put in a few sessions at micro limits (10 & 25NL). It’s just never grabbed me up to this point although lately, I’ve been considering making the move towards it again.